The Power Of Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa bracelets are a type of bracelet that has been around for centuries.

shamballa bracelet

 They were originally based on the Catholic rosary and historically were used in meditation practices. These bracelets are made from shamballa beads that are threaded and knotted into cord. The beads can be made from many different types of materials such as clay, plastic or wood. As long as the bracelet consists of threaded bead closed with the cord it is a shamballa bracelet.

The principle of the shamballa bracelet is tranquility and inner peace.

Each bead can represent different things to the owner. It could be based on something you have learned, a problem you have faced and won, or just simply to give you peace and to promote healing of the mind and body.

The bodies eyes are the organ to the soul.

That is why the power of color is so important. This is why color can be so closely related to well being of the mind as well as well being of the physical body. The colors of the beads relate to the healing power of the bracelet. Each color presents a different ability and power. The color black is associate with strength, power, elegance and formality. Black also has a dark side relating to death, mystery and evil. White is the color of perfection because it brings clarity and purity and it is seen to increase the energy of life.

Truth, openness and kindness are also associated with white.

Therefore it is good for healing the body, mind and spirit. Orange is the color of desire. Self confidence, will power and purpose are seen with the color yellow or gold. Blue is associated with planning, trust and organization. Purple or violet are said to promote knowingness, inspiration, wisdom and awareness of yourself.

Many people use shamballa bracelets as focus of meditation and personal strength.

The meaning of the shamballa bracelet can be used as a physical reminder of what the person is working for and how far they have come. It stands for a spiritual path one might follow on their path to tranquility and oneness.